When you register with Leslie James, you will:

  • Be assigned an experienced Consultant who will have an insurance industry background – someone  who ‘speaks your language’ and understands your market.
  • Have the opportunity to clearly express your requirements and your preferences and not have these subsequently ignored.
  • Not be sent on interviews for positions which are inappropriate for you.
  • Benefit from a pro-active, accurate and highly targeted service with discreet and confidential approaches made to key decision makers.
  • Remain constantly informed of the progress of applications.
From the above, you will stand a far greater chance of securing the RIGHT opportunity, expediently and with minimal fuss.
Please do note that many of the opportunities developed for our candidates are derived from:
  • Clients who have not instructed any other recruiter.
  • Senior Manager and Director contacts within our clients’ businesses who, because of the faith they place in our recommendations, will often meet with and create opportunities for candidates where no specific recruitment requirement has been stated.
If you wish to discuss or be considered for opportunities in your field of expertise, please feel free to contact us on 0800 912 9994 or submit your CV by email to

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